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What makes the Service Desk tick?

red help key on compter keyboardYou gotta give it to car sales people! My friend went looking for a simple car to commute to work with good mileage and low maintenance and got talked into buying a super turbo obscene horse power convertible sports car with half the seats, less than quarter the mileage for almost double the price! He ended up having to buy another car in a year to get his finances back on track. Buying a service desk tool is not very different from buying a car. Slick salesman in designer suit and solid white tie will swear that you absolutely need ITIL v7 compliance or else you are doomed to IT hell! Beware my friend!

KACE sponsored a recent study by Dimensional Research of hundreds of IT professionals on latest trends in service desk. The survey uncovered some surprising trends and truths surrounding what organizations really need and want today as they strive to provide effective IT service to their customers. Join systems management experts from Dell KACE and Dimensional Research for an eye-opening live webinar and learn about what really matters in a service desk tool! And hear this not from us but from IT professional like yourself who have shared their experiences through our survey!

The IT help desk or service desk is the primary contact point to IT and hence becomes the face of IT to its users. The effectiveness of the service desk largely defines the reputation of the IT department. Dell KACE Appliances offer an easy to use, comprehensive and affordable service desk tool that is fully integrated into the systems management solution. As the service desk becomes the “internal face” of IT in many organizations, register here to see how you can improve and simplify your own.

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