K2000: Modifying the Registry of a System Image

windows 7 logoSo you’ve captured an image but you later realized that you need to change the Windows security settings, add logon commands, the agent is installed but you need to delete the KUID before pushing it out, or add a path to a newer printer driver. There’s a million tiny things we forget and then wish we could easily update them. Most of these settings involve changing registry keys and you may think you are out of luck.

The good news: You can make these adjustments without having to Sysprep and recapture! The registry is technically ‘just’ a file that gets loaded during the startup of Windows. Therefore, you can modify the registry contained in the image by downloading the hive file, manipulating it on another computer’s registry editor, and then replacing it within the image on the K2000 appliance.

Let’s take a look at the overall process:

First, we’ll need to get the registry hive from your image.

  1. Go to Deployments > System Images and open your image.
  2. Click on Browse Files, the file system of the image appears in a new window.
  3. Navigate to the directory that contains the registry hive, for example C:\Windows\System32\Config.
  4. There are four hive files: SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM. Click the name of the hive you want to modify and Save the file to your local system. The file tends to be around 22-30 MB.

TIP: Sometimes when you click System32, the K2000 script that loads the file listing takes too long and times out. System32 is a large directory, this timeout is not uncommon. Because you only need to access the config directory, you do not need to continue to run the script if prompted.

Now that you have the registry file on your computer, you’ll need to load it within your local machine’s registry, make the changes you want, and export it. Here’s the general steps for that:

  1. Open your computer’s registry editor.
  2. In the File menu, click Load Hive, and locate file you downloaded.
  3. You’re prompted for a key name. The registry from your image will be loaded under the name you enter. You might name it something like “TEMP-SYSTEMIMAGE-ImageName”.
  4. Make your changes to the registry that loads under this key.
  5. When you’re finished, right-click on the name of the key where the registry was loaded (TEMP-SYSTEMIMAGE-ImageName) and select Export.
  6. Change the Save as type to Registry Hive Files, enter a name (it does not have to match the downloaded file because the K2000 will use the same name when you replace it in the image), and click Save.

Now it’s time to inject that file back into the K2000 System Image:

  1. From the K2000 image, choose Browse Files.
  2. Locate the registry file you modified, hover over the file name and click the icon with the green arrows.
  3. The replace dialog opens, click Browse, select the modified hive file that you saved on your local machine, and then click Submit.

You’re not quite finished yet! After making a change in Browse Files window you MUST Commit the change.

  1. Close Browse Files and click the Commit button.
  2. Do not leave the page or scroll down and click Save; either of these actions will revert the change.
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