Got a Dell Latitude or OptiPlex? Dell KACE Can Manage That!

Today, Dell officially unveiled the latest versions of its Latitude and OptiPlex business-class desktops and laptops. While these professional laptops and desktops are ideal for the enterprise, how do you effectively and securely manage endpoints for increased IT efficiency once you’ve ordered a pallet (or two) of these? With Dell KACE of course!

Dell KACE Appliances are one of the many tailored solutions available to Latitude/OptiPlex customers for cost effective security, management and end-user productivity. KACE’s unique appliance-based approach is changing the face of systems management and offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to help customers solve their most pressing IT issues; from imaging new systems, upgrading to Windows 7 or maintaining their entire inventory of hardware and software.

So what’s the direct benefit of using Dell KACE if you’re a Latitude or OptiPlex user?

In a nutshell, we can help speed through the drudgery of provisioning and protecting new systems whether it’s a desktop, laptop or server. From new system imaging, software distribution, compliance reporting and ongoing maintenance, KACE can greatly simplify the life of your IT teams. 

 How do we do it?

Systems admins can leverage the Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance to create an image of your current OS and approved applications and send to the Dell factory. From your premier page, you can then directly order your systems with your customized image already deployed – saving you hours per system for provisioning.

Once the systems arrive, Dell KACE provides complete configuration covering pre and post deployment, reducing costs and increasing PC provisioning reliability and control by automating the full deployment life cycle.

 Additionally, say you’re an IT team working on a migration project with existing systems. Dell KACE can help address migration challenges such as Windows 7 by reusing existing assets to deploy images across a variety of OS environments.

 KACE’s vision is to simplify the systems management process through innovative software that makes it easier for IT managers to do their jobs. KACE Appliances together with the new Latitude/OptiPlex products is perfect example of ‘two great tastes that taste great together. Together we have worked to make the Latitude and OptiPlex products the most enterprise efficient option on the market while redefining what it means to deliver a durable, powerful, secure and manageable product to our customers.

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