KACE + vPro = Bye Bye Blue Screen of Death. Right from Your IT Admin Desk!

We have come a long way from employees going in to work every single day at 8am in neatly ironed formal attire and working diligently on their ledgers and checking out at 5pm – the concept of “work place” has undergone unprecedented changes in the last decade! Many walls were torn down with computerization, the internet and mobile devices – today’s employee is on the go, responding to emails while sipping coffee and waiting for his flight in the airport.

Now what does this mean to the IT administrator when an employee makes a frantic call for help from the airport asking to fix his blue-screened laptop that has the earnings report that he of course did not back up and needs to turn in yesterday? Fear not for vPro is here! The blue screen of death just lost its grip over hard-working IT professionals like you! Dell KACE supports Intel vPro technology that allows IT admins to remotely take control of, diagnose, recover and remediate systems even when they are only connected through WiFi.

The vPro “fast call for help” feature allows IT administrators to configure Intel-based systems that have the latest vPro technology with information about a pre-designated server that can handle connections from the client. Once configured with this information the client will be able to establish an out-of-band channel of communication with the server in the event of a blue-screen or a crash. This allows the IT administrator to then connect with the system and control, diagnose, remediate or recover it even if it is only connected over WiFi.

Intel vPro technology is now offered on a wide range of enterprise clients from Dell and other manufacturers. The latest Optiplex/Latitude line of Dell business desktops and laptops clients come with the latest vPro versions. Dell KACE supports the latest vPro technology on all Intel-based systems regardless of the manufacturer, thereby enabling the IT administrator straightforward access to remote systems that just cannot be accessed via conventional means.

Register for 1 hr live webinar on June 7th at 10am PT

And learn how KACE and vPro can dramatically cut the time and resources needed to manage distributed endpoints.


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