Where do you GO?

We know you don’t like being tethered to your desk. It’s a nice day outside- let’s go for a walk! Well, you better not stop working though… K1000 GO is the new mobile app from Dell KACE that allows you to manage tickets, view computer inventory, and even deploy Managed installs directly from your phone or tablet.

The app is available today on iOS 6+, and Android 4+ and requires a K1000 running v5.5+.

Download the K1000 GO mobile application: iOS | Android

Let’s begin with some Direct Customer Feedback:

  • “Believe it or not, this was what I was most excited about in the new release… I love the features that the app has.”
  • “I also want to say THANK YOU for the app… I live and breathe in our K1000 every day.  This makes it easier and a lot more fun than via mobile Safari.”
  • “My initial feedback is that the app is excellent, looks great on my iPhone 5, runs well and has so far been extremely useful, allowing me to monitor and assign service desk tickets to my team… The fact that we were able to push the app to my iPhone via the K3000, was even better.”

… and plenty more customers who are saying the exact same things.

Go get the app, and tell us what you think! Then Tweet it out (@DellKACE) from the tree tops!


Screenshot of the K1000 GO App


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