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AppDeploy is Now ITNinja

After many long hours of work and a year of building and planning, AppDeploy is now ITNinja.com. The new site was quietly pushed live earlier this week and all AppDeploy traffic now redirects to ITNinja.com. All of the latest content from AppDeploy has made is successfully over to the new ITNinja site, and so has your AppDeploy user account.

The new ITNinja community still has the rich knowledge base that has made AppDeploy a top destination for IT admins looking to share information and advice about software deployment. It’s just that now we can expand the scope of the site to introduce a wealth of new features and enhancements to help you easily share and find information, including:

  • Biweekly Releases and Updates Based on Community Feedback
  • Customizable Activity Feed
  • Earn point for your actions

If you’ve had a chance to go to the new site you’ll see that a lot has changed. Join me, Bob Kelly, founder of AppDeploy and now ITNinja, for a live walk through of the new site, this Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 10 am PT.

Learn why we switched to ITNinja, learn where to find all of their favorite AppDeploy content on the new site, and get a chance ask me questions all of your questions.

Register for the live tour of ITNinja

Looking forward to “seeing you” there,

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ITNinja Limited Beta Underway Now!

At KACE User Konference 2011, I was very excited to have had the opportunity to introduce what the ITNinja product team has been working on for the last several months. I got a lot of great feedback and was encouraged at the excitement around this effort. As you should expect, the team is hard at work rounding off key functionality and filling in some obvious holes. Because there is still much to do, I am not planning to take it public until late March. In the mean time, your early input can weigh heavily in shaping the features planned.

Get an ITNinja T-shirt!

I’ve got them and want you to have them. I just can’t get away with mailing stuff to people for nothing so I’d like to send them to you as a reward for your participation in the beta; just score 176 Ninja points before the end of March and we’ll ship you a free shirt! This offer is exclusive to Beta invitees.

Start scoring points and be sure to fill in the T-shirt size and mailing address fields in your ITNinja profile so we can get them to you! For more on points and what various site activity is worth, visit: http://beta.itninja.com/faq/ninjapoints

Examples of things that will help you score points:

  • Ask a question about any IT Topic.
  • See a question you know something about? Rate existing answers or post your own!
  • Post a blog about how to address a problem you recently solved.
  • Post a blog sharing your opinion of some software product.
  • Share link to your favorite (or your own) IT related blog.

And please, if you see something missing or something that doesn’t work quite like you’d expect, please let me know; you’ll see a feedback button floating on the right of every page so it is easy to find!

Currently Open to User Konference Attendees Only

At this time access to the beta remains exclusive to our User Konference attendees. If you attended but did not get the code written in a safe place, I’ll be sending that to you via email again shortly, so watch out for that!

Didn’t Attend but Wish to Participate?

Please come sign up to participate at http://www.itninja.com as I will be reaching out to an increasing number of those interested as we get closer to a public launch.

Bob Kelly

ITNinja Community Founder

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