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The Mobility Wave: Don’t Sink, Surf it!

Your VP of Finance is a busy man. He is on a flight to Zurich cranking out the earnings call  presentation while waiting for the latest numbers from Sales. At the end of a crazy long day, on his flight back he discovers that he has lost his mobile phone with confidential company information, at a bar in Zurich. Hacker gets hold of mobile phone, story gets to the tabloid, conversation about a proposed spin-off gets out, stock prices go crashing, fingers get pointed at you… Wait! That would have been the pre-K3000 scenario! Enter the Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance – VP quickly logs into the user portal and remotely wipes out all confidential business content from his mobile phone and locks it out.

The Dell KACE K3000 extends proven systems management capabilities to iOS and Android based tablets and smartphones. It enables you to securely allow access to corporate content from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The K3000 supports both company owned devices as well as employee owned personal devices. You can take inventory of all managed mobile devices, applications and profiles, push applications and profiles to the devices, and secure sensitive business content through remote wipe/lock, passcode management, configuration management and policy enforcement.

In addition a self-help user portal enables your organization to scalably support BYOD by allowing users to enroll their devices for corporate access, push approved applications to them and remote wipe or lock their devices thereby significantly cutting down calls to the service desk. And finally integration with the Dell KACE K1000 System Management Appliance allows you to inventory, asset manage, run reports on and manage incidents for all your devices from a single web-based console.

We announced a Limited Release of the K3000 in December and saw great enthusiasm among customers. We are seeing positive results from our initial customers who have deployed the appliance and have started managing their mobile devices. Join us:

Webinar, Thursday Feb. 14th at 10am PT

You can learn about the Dell KACE K3000, see a demo and also have your questions answered by our product experts.

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